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Jonas Wall1st_page.html

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I was born 1971 in a small village called Torstuna in Sweden. Ever since I was a little kid, music was in the center of my attention. My father gave me a Clarinet when I was 6 years old.

I’ve studied music from that age to my graduation from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 1997.

I live in Stockholm with my family of wife and 3 kids.

I’m a devoted Arsenal fan and when I’m not working or being with my family I watch football... :-)

From the age of 17 I started to work proffesionally with music. I’ve played with a lot of people and in very differen’t kind of situations. From working in an Orchestra on cruiseships to a US tour with Brian Wilson. From Classical music like Verdis Requiem to Deep House. But my devotion in music lies in Funk, Soul, Jazz and HipHop.

Everything I did up until now has made me progress as a musician and human being. And it still do, every day!

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