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Brag Box....

This is where I tell you bits and pieces of what Iv’e done in my music life! ;-)

• Member of Nils Landgren Funk Unit since 2009 playin’ alto- barytone- tenor sax, flute and clarinet.

  1. Mezzoforte, member since 2013.

• The Jazz Crusaders, Tblisi & Zurich 2010.

  1. Brian Wilson US tour 2005 and UK tour 2007

  2. Clarence Clemmons band SWE tour 2003

  3. Frank McComb live at Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden 2011

  4. Reed player at the Polar Music Price with Mats Ronander, Playing for BB King.

  5. At the theatre in Norrköping; Composer and player of the music to Berthold Brechts play ” In the Jungle of the Cities” (saxophones, percussion, tuba, flute and clarinets)

  6. Touring, playing and recording with international and swedish artists like Randy Goodrum, Bill Cantos, Alan White, Bjorn Skifs, Magnum Coltrane Price, Jimmy Bo Horne, Peanuts Hucko, Ray Anderson, Bob Mintzer, Svante Thuresson, Glen Scott, Sven-Ingvars, Amy Diamond, Peter Jöback, Carola, Sofia Källgren, Monica Zetterlund, Orup, Tommy Körberg, Putte Wickman, Sharon Dyall, Nina Rochelle, "Messing Around" Brass sextet (Tuba), Magnus Lindgren Big Band,  Blue House Jazz Orchestra , Galenskaparna, TV shows like ”Let’s Dance”, ”TV-Huset”, ”Idol”, ”Så ska det låta”.

ps. Gear list..

Yanagisawa soprano saxophone with selmer mouthpiece

Selmer Mark VI -58 altosaxophone with otto link 8#

Selmer Mark VI -58 tenorsaxophone with otto link 9

Selmer Mark VI -58 barytonesaxophone with berg larsen 113/7

Miyasawa flute

Armstrong Altoflute

E13 Buffet Clarinet with B4•?

Noblet Bassclarinet with ?? ds.